Eligible Seniors To Be Fully Reimbursed

first_imgNova Scotia seniors who receive the guaranteed income supplement and have paid a Pharmacare premium will be fully reimbursed. Health Minister Angus MacIsaac made the announcement today, Oct. 5. “The agreement has just been signed with Medavie Blue Cross to start processing back payments for eligible Nova Scotians,” said Mr. MacIsaac. “We will make every effort to inform seniors about how to receive their refund.” Premiums were introduced in the provincial Pharmacare Program in 1996. The full 2005-06 premium is $390 per year. The premium is either reduced or waived for about half of the 95,000 seniors enrolled in the program. The premium is not the same as the co-payment. All program participants, regardless of the premium they pay, still pay a co-payment amount. The co-payment is 33 per cent, to a maximum of $30 per prescription, capped at $350 annually. Since the spring, eligible Nova Scotians who have come forward have been reimbursed for premiums paid in the current and last fiscal years. The policy has now been changed to allow for reimbursements for payments made since 1996. Cheques will begin to be mailed through the Pharmacare Program within three to four weeks to individuals who have already come forward. Others should call the seniors Pharmacare Program. It is important that individuals only call if they receive the guaranteed income supplement — not the GST rebate — and have paid a Pharmacare premium. The number to call in Halifax is 429-6565. The toll-free number throughout Nova Scotia is 1-800-544-6191. The province will begin an information campaign in the coming weeks to notify pharmacists, health-care providers, seniors, and their family members. As well, revised literature, which highlights this benefit more clearly, is now being used by the Pharmacare Program. “I want to avoid this problem in the future and that means working with the federal government to help streamline the application process,” said Mr. MacIsaac. “We are making progress on developing an agreement that would give the province the list of Nova Scotians who receive the guaranteed income supplement.”last_img