Venture into the trough Larry page 13 proverbs help you tide over the difficulties

for entrepreneurs, the most worried about is to enter the business downturn, it is difficult to have a new breakthrough, it is difficult to have new progress. So how can we get through the trough of entrepreneurship? Read the following 13 suggestions, I believe you will be inspired.

Xiaobian for everyone here to analyze Larry Paige · in the past ten years on the "billions achievements" of the speech and his personal achievements.

1. "if you’re trying to change the world, then you’re doing something really important. I believe you get up every day in excitement."

A) the feeling of continuous improvement or growth.

B) good interpersonal relationship.

C) freedom of choice.

when you are busy every day to solve the problem for billions of people, you will experience more than three kinds of happiness.

2. "especially in the field of science and technology, we need revolutionary change, rather than progressive change."

May wonder why now than in 1965 when the aircraft flies low

but it is of no great importance. Because people can be sent to all parts of the world can save fuel has been very good".

3. "as a leader, I have a responsibility to make sure that everyone in the company has a great opportunity, and that they feel that their work is very meaningful, can create a better society."

whenever, whenever I as a leader to manage my company, I work on the evaluation criteria of only one: when employees go home to their parents on the phone said, "guess what I do today!"