Money will be able to start business ask yourself these questions

in the eyes of many people, entrepreneurship is a few people together, the output of the effort, the money to take the money, together in order to work together for a common goal. Some people may say that entrepreneurship is not the money thing? With money, what is easy to do, no money, nothing is easy to do. Money can start it? Ask yourself the following questions.

1, can you resist the vanity?

The most important is

, you will frequently in front of friends didn’t show you that the business of company? What do think of myself as a boast, a kick in front of others in Haikou, the company’s disclosure policy management mechanism is what all or all day so that the strategy; strategy analysis, this review that is not willing to do, do the market survey; or all pretend such as big old said pressure for months, do not know what is the company’s main business, the company is not a specific thing, but to talk about love every employee ideal of their own life experiences, is there? The company even slightly better, you who do not remember, he is arrogant, good for the company that won’t listen to those who say, if you are listening to the words of comfort, then you dizzy dizzy honey intoxicated, abandoned the company’s business, the delay of everyone youth?

you determine when you venture you can.