Chongqing sixty noodle alliance project opportunities to detonate

Chinese cuisine is profound, all over the country have their own local characteristics of the diet. When it comes to local delicacy, have to mention Chongqing, Chongqing has been named the fashion delicacy of all, the special delicacy known throughout the country, to join the market 60 vermicelli, vermicelli Chongqing 60 joined the project even further and create a new situation in the history of food.

The Chongqing

60 nanowires based on the operating characteristics of entrepreneurial projects, to ensure service satisfaction, strive to build the catering culture construction is not the same, which bears the opportunity to help investors achieve zero risk business, the entrepreneurial wealth dream to be realized, no experience can let a person of noble aspirations still doing business.

60 joined this noodle chain delicacy project, more is to create healthy nutrition, are fast 60 meter, a single product hundred kinds of dishes, collocation secret bottom material and bone soup run support for all people respected, secret recipe more 60 nanowire layers upgrade, demonstrating a unique style Chongqing sixty vermicelli, realizes fast and delicious delicacy, seasonal selling.

Chongqing to join this project more 60 nanowires exclusive achieve zero threshold of entrepreneurship, the coexistence of various business models and profitable business, to create a low risk business platform for inexperienced entrepreneurs, a more long-term investment profit. In addition to 60 noodle now combined with food O2O management concept, the integration of consumer resources in the "Internet plus" environment, all the advantages brought together online and offline, realize the sharing of resources and guide the passenger demand of a new era, to create a one-stop ordering more convenient dining mode for consumers. Provide a more promising profit channel for operators.

now choose sixty nanowires to join, to join the brand with stores drainage manufacturing topics and experience the advantages of the parties to a new mode of operation of the Internet, innovation, entrepreneurial path to subvert the traditional, more stable profit channels to pave the way. Franchisees choose sixty nanowires to join this business direction, enjoy more easy to operate, more support, one-stop service to support policies, not only consumers dining experience is good, the product itself more by consumers love, entrepreneurship easier.


nanowires have been favored by the majority of customers. For entrepreneurs, investment in Chongqing 60 nanowires to join the project business, is a good choice of business. Coupled with the ability to find a good brand, but also to solve the entrepreneurial business problems, becoming more relaxed.

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