How the Yanghe River Dragon Wine Business

liquor in China since ancient times, how many heroes in our hearts have left us the impact of love wine, wine from ancient times with heroes. Of course, China is rich in liquor, there are many liquor companies. Naturally, this is a good business choice, Xiao Bian recommended for you the Yanghe River wine.

the Yanghe River wine has a long history, originated in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang and song dynasties. The Qing Emperor Qianlong drunk left a taste of the Yanghe River brush "taste is mellow, really good wine" compliment and the Yanghe River wine as the Qing Royal tribute.

has two Chinese wines, two Chinese time-honored and outstanding contribution to revitalize the Soviet wine enterprise; investment value Chinese became the top 100 listed companies in twenty-second; market capitalization exceeded 150 billion yuan, listed companies in the global top 500; in 2009 the company won the title of the national civilized unit, the company’s shares listed in Shenzhen stock exchange, the Yanghe River the traditional wine brewing techniques "selected provincial intangible cultural heritage list.

high quality sorghum as raw material, wheat, barley, peas made of high temperature fire starter for the fermentation agent, with the blue classic series of the same level of selection of wine. Suqian, the capital of China’s liquor, groundwater quality is exceptionally high, the Yanghe River wine is supplemented by the famous beauty of the spring Seiko brewing. The Yanghe River is a warm temperate monsoon climate zone, with an average annual temperature of 14.2 degrees, high precipitation, long sunshine hours, is a unique high-quality wine base.

How about

the Yanghe River dragon?

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dragon adhere to the historical heritage and modern technology, adhering to the core of soft and liquor brewing technology, more in line with the modern consumer drink preferences. The Yanghe River dragon series of distinguished famous calligraphy artists as art consultant, the dragon culture and Chinese dream of integration, the sublimation of "Chinese dream" spirit. The Qing Emperor Qianlong’s southern tour, the Yanghe River left a "drunken brush taste the taste is mellow, really good wine" compliment to the Yanghe River dragon left a long history of cultural heritage.

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