Cosmetics store product display five errors need to avoid

we know that if you want to be a better customer care products, you should be more effort in the display. Because of the good cosmetic cosmetics display will enhance the sense of hierarchy, is conducive to enhancing the recognition of customers of cosmetics, and then buy the product, but in the daily store, often appear all sorts of mistakes, then we will say, is easy to make mistakes in daily management display.

1. think that the display is put goods

the goods placed in neat and beautiful can, a little attention is pay attention to collocation, this is a "queue" understanding. The display is actually creating a "battle", in order to solve the problem of consumption behavior has different changes, and only its manifestation and beauty.

2. cargo swing = Ping high

that goods was placed more and more full of cloth put on the counter, the so-called "quantity are displayed, the customer will feel more abundant goods, there will be more to buy, the higher the floor effect. Many stores are modeled on the style over supermarket sales and display mode (old version of Watsons, but also has great effect on store location) is too one-sided understanding.

3. commodity "static"

think display just products "static" presentation, invite experts to make a change in turn the world upside down, and then sleep without any anxiety.

display to commodity "lively": both goods are shown in the "visual" vitality, constantly adjust is the "space" position according to the seasons and sales strategy, it is in the "time axis" according to the changes of the growth and structure of the category development.

to one of the most common strip store as an example, a partition, or with the color and lighting of the segment, the level of sense of space than the straight line in the end of the counter is much more beautiful, give a person with a stronger desire to "enter".

4. less hierarchical

is not that type display, store the most basic levels have little shop do, the wall is a straight line in the end, it is only a neat cabinet through the beauty of space; the lack of progressive sense of hierarchy, only divided regions between the fuzzy, labeled "skin care", "" the washing area that help customers to complete the opinionated regional guide.

5. shallow use store buffer

will be well-known brand cabinets, makeup cabinet in the doorway, in order to increase the attractiveness of the reason, many shops can copy, but ignore the gate area of bad sales environment; in addition, due to the special lighting display buffer, Duitou, use reducer props, these few people pay attention to the details.

if you intend to open a cosmetics shop, you will have to pay attention to the above-mentioned cosmetics store product display errors, get out of these errors, in order to make cosmetics shop business more prosperous. Above recommended