2016 British distinguished alumni award focus

in addition to China to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship boom in foreign entrepreneurship is also constantly staged. Britain’s 2016 distinguished alumni award is the focus of the focus of the "career achievement award", "social influence Award" and "entrepreneurship Award" three awards.

last year following the first British distinguished alumni award awarded by Prince William and the Duke of Cambridge, has aroused widespread concern, the 2016 British distinguished alumni awards continue to expand. At present, China’s 9 candidates have been elected, will represent the active in the various sectors of the British alumni elite, compete for professional achievement award, social influence award and entrepreneurship award, the award of the three.

2014, Zheng Jianwei successfully returned and founded his own English Training Center, will leave the advanced teaching ideas and methods of English learning in English Teaching in their own, let China younger generation of British culture and English language learning interest, gained more and more recognition and support of parents and students.

2014 in March, as the Shanghai Oxford Cambridge Alumni Association President, Steven launched Oxbridge  Impact action for vulnerable children to concern, try to innovative education teaching, interactive games, theatrical performances and other forms. Currently, Steven and its partners have directly affected two countries in China and Sri Lanka, with more than more than and 200 vulnerable children in more than four cities.