Aunt Marie warm tips clothing store coup

as a leading brand in the dry cleaning industry, aunt Marie has a high reputation. Aunt Marie’s dry cleaning technology is more advanced, the washing of clothing and care has its own set of mature experience. Aunt Marie warm tips to everyone, seasonal and long-term storage of clothing need to pay attention to some problems.

some seasonal clothing if a few months do not wear in, put them in storage before they are sent to the dry cleaners dry cleaning. Because the clothes may have not noticed stains, such as human body and some traces of oil in some clothes material especially. However, these stains are harmful because they may attract moths and other insects to damage the clothes. Here are some of the key points to prevent clothes from being bitten by insects and to keep them in the best condition.

some container for storing clothes, such as a plastic cover box or wardrobe, actually is not suitable for storing clothes, because they do not provide breathing space for clothes. The clothes were packed together, and the dyes and fibers in the fabric would be destroyed. Cartons can only be used for temporary storage of clothing.

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