Eyes see Boston start up company Kuv e designed a smart bottle

innovation and entrepreneurship is not a slogan, entrepreneurs to really implement it, in order to do better and faster on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship. Boston start-up company Kuv  e designed a smart bottle, let you open the eyes!

3 29 June 2007, Kuve designed a smart bottle start-up company in Boston, its built-in touch screen can be connected with Wi-Fi, while allowing users to understand the culture of wine drinking and enjoy personalized Wine collocation selection, at the same time can be opened Wine fresh-keeping bottle over 30 days.


Kuve wine bottle includes a shell with an electronic display and an inner container, the touch screen of the housing can be connected to the WiFi, the wine is suitable for the individual, and a single purchase is made. The liner is used to hold the wine bottle using the patented technology, can be in a sealed state when pouring, prolong the keeping time of wine.

  Kuve recently announced a $6 million investment, investors including GeneralCatalyst and FounderCollective. Smart devices are changing our lives, and the advent of Kuve makes the wine experience more humane and convenient.