Hangzhou recruit overseas high level talents to provide millions of entrepreneurs for their gold

now around actively carry out business or at the same time, also need to attract entrepreneurial personnel to join join actively attract overseas talents, the only way to keep the entrepreneurial activities to inject some fresh blood.

It is reported that

the final list of 8 projects – "computer vision and intelligent control fusion technology, suitable for Asian patients with artificial joint system", "Doobuy import trade and cross-border e-commerce B2B one-stop service platform", "cloud: Based on the container cluster of a new generation of cloud computing platform, intelligent CytoChip: the blood test chip", "international technology innovation, low cost and no pollution and high performance lithium battery", "animation film and television media", "based on 2D visual control taking intelligent -AirMove system, high technology content, high maturity, business development potential, in line with the Hangzhou industry positioning.

Contest Finals (Hangzhou) first prize 1, two prize 2, third-prize 5 winning projects, can get 200 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 50 thousand yuan bonus respectively. Project competition cooperation unit sea fund, the fund will Haibang talent contest winners to provide a total of more than 1 hundred million of the risk investment funds. All finalists have the opportunity to enter the Hangzhou Silicon Valley incubator project incubation.

in addition, won the contest one or two, excellent project third-prize and entered the contest, the contest ended in the semi-final stage, within a year to implement the transformation of Hangzhou, without municipal high level review respectively 300-500 million, 2 million, 1 million, 500 thousand, 200 thousand yuan of overseas returnees in Hangzhou entrepreneurial innovation project funding.