After the boss hands to teach you in the baking business

now 80 is the main force in the entrepreneurial market, a lot of 80 young, early to join the venture market, build awesome wealth platform for themselves, the 80 entrepreneurial experience is not in general, we take a look.

For the love of

germination baking business idea

2009 years, little zhe just returned to work from Sweden to study in Haikou, during which he did two jobs, every day on time to go to work boring life so that he is not very satisfied with the work of the two. Because when studying in Sweden, he had studied in the course of the cake baking, coupled with the love of food, so he had his own ideas to start a cake shop.

2011 in August, when micro-blog coincides with the red, the brightest star will trendsetter to record their own bit by bit in micro-blog. At this time, a small philosopher in the hair of a star in the micro-blog cup cake, small and exquisite cake cup body and a variety of as long as you can think of the cream out of shape, so that small zhe heart. He began to look for the cake brand on the Internet, an e-mail in the past expressed his desire to join the idea. Soon, small zhe received the other party’s reply, agreed to his joining. However, due to join the threshold is too high, he found his college classmates, want to work together to complete his own dream.

1, looking for shops: Based on the positioning of products and consumer groups, to find a suitable location for the store.

have the idea, with a partner, small zhe snapadoo up. The first problem they met was to find a shop. Store location is very important, where the store opened, it means that they will face the future of the customer base has a kind of purchasing power.

2011, the first to think of them with small zhe best cake shop location at, but things did not imagine smoothly, the other party does not agree to their request for cooperation, lost in the sea the idea of a shop.

2012 at the beginning of the year, but also to find the location of many small zhe noble, JINGWAH city bustling shopping malls, as has been the first step in the cake shop to open the door, so small zhe finally put cake shop location in the city of JINGWAH. At that time, JINGWAH city has just opened, so in the shop rent this requirement is not particularly harsh. Until 2012 of April and May, the location of the cake shop was finalized, which is just the beginning of the time they have been looking for a shop in the past six months.

2, busy decoration: the price does not consider, we must choose a high degree of integrity, reliable decoration team.

2012 at the end of May, the location of the shop was good, there is the Taiwan headquarters sent over training. After the training, the decoration of the store has become the next thing to consider. Fortunately, because the stores, so there will be a store decoration drawings, they only need to find their own small zhe Jian.