How to operate adult supplies store


Adult supplies in the current era is no longer strange products, however, after all, there are thousands of years of cultural influence, therefore, although a lot of Adult supplies store, but will want to do business, nature also need to master more skills. So, how to manage adult supplies store? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze a few points.

first look at the characteristics of most adult stores now.


1, adult health or sex shop shop. Straightforward, explicit, dazzling.

2, layout: the dim light of the adult supplies store, giving the impression of a secret.

3, lot: from the downtown corner of a corner.

according to the above factors, the reversal can think of different answers.

1, the name of

adult supplies stores do not appear adult health products and other sensitive words. China is now in the developed state, but also not to go to the shopping mall as a gift shop so natural, relaxed. Therefore, the name must be subtle, gentle and let people have some lenovo. Such as: romantic full house, people’s elementary. Before the door is best put on a notice: 18 years of age. See the name and sign of any person will know what is inside of the product.

2, store layout

adult supplies store needs adequate light, it will be arranged as an ordinary gift shop, people feel lively, bright.

3, location selection

any one of the traffic can be a lot of. But don’t be too biased. The best close to residential areas.

4, sales

adult stores to be combined with the network, which is an inevitable trend. The best agent to a well-known brand, and then develop the chain.

5, other means of operation

can be provided in the urban areas to provide home delivery. This is very psychological, because most people may not want to stroll, but want to buy. Then home delivery can be profitable. Of course, we must have the conditions, such as the handling of members or purchase more than 200 yuan of products.

of course, if you want to successfully open shop, the work involved and perhaps far more than the above content, but small series presented here may wish to take note of the content, it can help investors more smooth and successful open house.