Hefei three college students start from the garage

business school has become a popular trend, Hefei three college students began part-time entrepreneurship from the sophomore, senior business open garage, now a month can earn 30 thousand yuan, in such a good start on the basis, they hope to create a new field of vision.

2012 years after entering the school, Anhui University, Jianghuai college, 12 journalism students Zhang Pengjun, Wu Xiang, and soon became friends in. While reading, three people have the idea of doing business. In the summer of 2013, the three spent a day making the first pot of gold. Zhang Pengjun told reporters, when the north campus students to move to the old campus, more personal items, inconvenient transportation. "We took the time ahead of a small advertising, to help move, only 10 yuan per person."

Third, three people across Hebei province is rich in high quality and inexpensive bag. "We trustee goods, rented stalls selling purses in Guan Ting lu." Guan Ting Road traffic, plus the three bag price lower than the market price of half, naturally sought after. Opened the first day, they earned more than and 700 dollars, the second day is still the case.

tasted the sweetness, they decided to expand the scale. But the goods into the home, but found the roadside stalls set up strict control, not just. We have no fixed store, can not continue to operate." Up to now, they are still a lot of inventory.

"partner" of Wu Xiang because of a learning experience, proficient in electronic circuit. This summer, he went to the bus station to find a repair shop, special baishixueyi. "Learning for two months, the basic structure of the electric vehicle, the line to find out." Even before the battery positive and negative are wrong, and now the size of the fault can easily handle.