How to improve sales profit

There are many ways to improve the profitability of

, franchisees need to learn the methods and skills are also many, how to improve the franchise sales profit? Many businesses are looking for a lot of ways, if you want to learn more then quickly look at it, I hope you have some inspiration.

improve product sales price

the most direct way but it is not the most useful, we first provide price agents or distributors do not agree, we may not agree with the final consumer price, perhaps resulting in single product gross margin increased but the sales and market share decline, the overall amount of non profit may increase while reducing.

reduce procurement costs

this approach seems to be one of the most direct way to improve the gross margin, and we want to think, we require suppliers to reduce the price of products for suppliers, vendors do not want to. Why? Because we have cut our supplier’s profitability, and suppliers face a choice, either to accept our lower application, but also cut the cost, so that the quality of the products is challenged, and ultimately make consumers hurt, so may be double lose results. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of procurement of the product, the author suggests that it is appropriate to do so, because we need to reduce the price of the supplier, the supplier must proceed from reducing the cost of the product, and ultimately affect the quality of the product.

improve product sales structure

to improve the product sales structure is to improve the sales profit without changing the existing product sales structure and product procurement costs. The company’s products can be divided into three types: the impulse type product called firewall products, the main products are to seize market share, against competitors, in order to consolidate its market position, this type of product characteristics: low margin, sales; profit products, the product sales after impulse type products, gross margin but higher than the impulse type product; image products, these products are high margin, low sales, the main is to enhance corporate brand image, increase market influence.

we want to improve the product sales structure is to improve the proportion of profit based products in the sales business, profit oriented products is the focus of the company’s marketing. Impulse products do not recommend too much, because the customer to the product name; image products do not push, push is useless, because a month sales are generally less than 10.

improve customer structure

according to the customer’s contribution to the profit level, we can divide the customer into four levels: the most profitable customers, profitable customers, the same customer, the negative profit customers. In the context of our material resources, time resources (continued to send a message on the Internet) and limited human resources, we can only be a valuable customer