How to develop distribution channels

a shop if you want to get a long-term business development, you need to develop more distribution channels. However, for the current number of operators, how to develop distribution channels is a very difficult thing. So, how to develop distribution channels? Let Xiaobian to you.

there are a lot of paint shop owner may be painter, decoration, painting contractors, engineering contractors, etc…. Their construction technology, the relationship between the project may be very good, know what is the problem of paint construction.

, however, do not know how to start the development of distribution, then now you simply introduce the idea of the development of the town of paint shop Distribution ideas to help you find the foothold in the development of distribution.

point one, select the dominant product

is a brand new paint to enter the local market, we must have their own products, so we must choose a paint products as the main force in the development of the market; but when selecting products we need to pay attention to the biggest advantage of products, such as low-priced products especially in many paint brands stationed in the territory the price is particularly important; but we must ensure that we guarantee the quality of products; in fact, we used to shop the market products are not making money, we need to expand the visibility of the market, with the sales of other products, so as to make money.

points two, promised timely delivery

many distributors to goods more anxious, so if they had a phone call, we will delivery the same day, will give customers with adequate inventory, cash rich impression, enhance the confidence of distributors, so we would like to recommend the brand paint.

points three, the early implementation of the first sale after collection strategy

– our new paint brands want to enter the market in the local area, in addition to selecting the flagship product, we also need to run the distribution in each store, a pressure distribution of two thousand dollars of goods, if you can spot the receivables receivables, if we can’t trust the distributor, we can step back strategy. Put the goods in their stores, and sold out to cash.

four points, the distribution of the paint brand publicity

like the top three is not our pressure in the distribution of goods in the store on the matter? No, we need to keep our paint pressure on the most eye-catching position of the stores do Duitou, also printed posters pasted on the storefront facade distribution on both sides, issuing leaflets on the distribution store inside, increase our brand paint exposure, so as to improve the sales volume; you believe that through the above four to >