How to decorate a chic style snack bar

A very wide variety of snack

on the market, but has the characteristic, so that consumers can have a profound impression and not a few, then you want to run a snack shop to easily make money, how to do the snack shop decoration design?

in the decoration, you should be on the snack shop decoration style, the use of decorative materials, furniture selection and placement and decoration of the budget picture. Xiao Bian reminder, should not rely solely on one’s likes and dislikes, for home furnishings, room decoration is not considered. This will tend to decorate the style is not uniform, the use of space is unreasonable, repeated disassembly problem.

then is to choose a good decoration company. The general decoration company project quotation than decoration team, but spend the money actually bought the decoration company to provide customer service and service guarantee, so find a price is not very tall, reliable decoration company is the right choice. Xiaobian remind everyone, in addition to the credibility of the decoration company is better, but also to see how the company’s designers level. Good designers are often able to provide some good advice to the owner. Especially in the color matching, the rational division of space, the use of, as well as the rational placement of items and so on. In addition to the designer, but also to see how the overall quality of the decoration team. If you do not trust, you can ask the company to take care of the renovation team is fitting decoration site, you can see its work.

and decoration company signed the contract and after the design, the most important thing is to go to the city to buy building materials they need to use materials such as tiles, flooring, doors, paint, hardware, lamps, glass, stone, water supply pipeline, if it is to purchase building materials at this stage must have arrived at the scene before the purchase the materials are: cement, sand and other materials. These materials have been overlooked by many shopkeepers