Heilongjiang help college students entrepreneurship 30 landing

now in order to speed up the pace of entrepreneurship in the whole society, in Heilongjiang on the launch of the 30 policies to help college students entrepreneurship, some of the college students in the community who have brought a series of entrepreneurial opportunities.

in May this year, Heilongjiang Province issued "several opinions on Promoting College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), from the lower business access threshold, improve the financing guarantee system, the implementation of tax relief and other 8 aspects put forward 30 specific measures to encourage innovation and Entrepreneurship of College students. "30" was more than two months, Heilongjiang Province, the relevant departments to intensify its efforts to actively promote the implementation of the policy in accordance with the division of responsibilities, work made progress, the dividend policy gradually, accelerating the pace of landing "30".

with convenient and efficient principle: 20 measures to strengthen the employment service