Taobao charges skyrocketing tell you to open the shop’s 20 secret weapons

recently Taobao two charges soared, resulting in a lot of sellers of strong dissatisfaction. The data show that these two charges rose 5 to 15 times the day before, Taobao mall announced two charges, the implementation plan from January next year.

1, the technical service fee, from the original 6000 yuan a year technical service fee increased to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two files.

2, the liability for breach of contract deposit system. Businessmen in Taobao mall will have to deposit the liability for breach of contract on the Alipay account frozen, respectively 50 thousand, 100 thousand, 150 thousand third. Once the occurrence of a certain degree of violations, will be deducted at least 10 thousand yuan margin. Compared with previous years, 10 thousand yuan deposit rose to 5 times to 15 times.

One of the secrets of the 5

6 to store the message tips for others. Boast of other people’s baby and then recommend their own shop.

9 Tips recommended window. The closer the baby on the shelf in front of the more, try to put the recommended bits are left to the shelf baby.

tips 11 "red envelopes" and "one yuan shoot" can improve the store views.

Automatic reply

tips 14 login search engine. In Baidu, search, YAHOO and other well-known search sites registered their own shops, let more people pay attention to.