Miyun Beijing investment to build bio organic fertilizer plant

now society everywhere in developing agriculture and at the same time, some agricultural products and related industries are becoming popular in Beijing, Miyun is now in the large-scale construction of some biological organic fertilizer plant.

"after the operation, in the county of livestock and poultry manure or straw waste can be transported to the town of bio organic fertilizer plant for recycling, will effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution." The organic fertilizer factory responsible person said, the livestock manure and straw waste harmless treatment, which can effectively solve the problem of livestock and poultry manure production caused by air and water pollution, reduce the spread of the disease caused by livestock and poultry manure pile, but also through the factory to livestock manure and straw to waste harmless, industrial processing requirements, production of organic fertilizer required by ecological agriculture, to achieve a win-win economic and ecological benefits.

It is reported that

the Beijing Miyun to start building such large-scale bio organic fertilizer plant is now a big development conforms to the trend of organic agriculture and this trend, at the same time, every year so large-scale production will be greatly to when the area of fiscal revenue.


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