Fresh electricity supplier ingenuity in the university next to sell fruit cold

now fresh electricity supplier industry is bursting with popularity, competition is fierce, but the fruit store does not sell fruit door-to-door, nor crazy subsidies, but not allowed to choose their own, so this sales model, really welcome?

from September 2014 on-line now, a fresh fruit electricity supplier for the university market, the line stores expand from 0 to 66, the monthly sales exceeded ten million yuan, has achieved remarkable results.

however, is very different from the mainstream of the fresh, fresh promise not to engage in crazy subsidies, no spectacular storage base, also do not have the money to build cold chain logistics system, common door-to-door service without O2O domain, it is put on a high handed president appearance, the user must order before 1 in the morning, at noon before being allowed to go to the store from mentioning the fruit.

A fresh fruit

"traditional fruit stalls of fruit and your not good, due to its complex supply chain." Xu Xu Xu Xu explained that the traditional fruit suppliers because they do not know where the user will produce inventory, there will be loss of inventory. Fruit among the multi-level wholesalers, loss is also great. In traditional stalls, users pick to pick will also produce losses.