Xinjiang female embroidery needle out of the road of self improvement

in the frontier, ethnic minority women have only engaged in housework at home. Now a lot of ethnic minority women in Xinjiang, with their own hands to pick up the needle embroidery business, in the future to change their own, but also to make a difference in the home.

This is the first contest

Because of the strong

in Kuche county old town business incubator, a very eye-catching shop – gecils to tailor embroidery design department. The shop owner is a woman sitting in a wheelchair Patiguli Turdi ·. The handicapped man not because of his body and drag on the family, the courage to take entrepreneurial steps. At the age of 17, she learned to embroidery and tailoring, followed by only a little savings opened a tailor embroidery department.

"in the party and the government’s help, I successfully won the Xinjiang minority women in venture capital, the original small shops to large scale, and registered trademarks, in Akesu to become the disabled poor entrepreneurial base." Patiguli · Turdi said with a smile. Behind her, is a shop with 29 employees, sisters are busy hands down. Today, she has in Akesu and Awati have their own agents, clothing and embroidery products are exported to the field, becoming well-known entrepreneurs.

tursun Aida · Wu Martha, embroidered mother who mostly cultural level is not high, not much social experience, but they speak out from their own change if people especially to hear, especially with similar experiences with their sisters, hear, hear. They also become an example to follow. The 34 year old former Ge Xiang embroidered mother xuanjiangyuan Patila · Ella learned embroidery skills, with an empty preaching team went to preach the village township. She is talking about things that are familiar to everyone, everyone is aware of the people and families, welcomed and loved by everyone. She said proudly, "we are beautiful because of labor. Good day comes from the party’s good policy