Liaoning District the first professional to raise public institutions landing Dalian

in today’s society, entrepreneurship has become a thing, many people are doing at the same time, many people will have an entrepreneurial idea, this time on the need of society and government support, the support of the government policy is very important.

2015 in August 29th, supported by the Dalian City People Club Bureau, Angel Street equity raised platform, Dalian entrepreneurial public training (incubation) the first in Northeast China sponsored by the center and other units to raise financing forum and the forum of entrepreneurship in Dalian City Public Training Center (incubator) successfully held. The event was also held in Liaoning Province, Angel Street – to raise public workshop of the Dalian science and technology limited company establish ceremony, which marks the first major public institutions in Liaoning to raise the official landing, Liaoning area of entrepreneurship and innovation to a new level.

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