What are the ten major business opportunities in 2016

What are the ten major business opportunities for the new year’s

2016? The most important is to do business in advance to see opportunities to make big money, the whole network of small finishing the ten winner and profits of business opportunities to you, come and take a look at others, I don’t usually tell him.

1. wardrobe custom big market

[market trends]

customized demand growth, increase investment in innovation, innovation to meet the personality of the year".

[industry analysis]

at present, the custom cabinet development and 6 years ago, custom cabinets, custom doors and windows of the past 3 years, is stepping into the growth period, the annual growth rate of about 15%.

at the same time, one of the country’s largest wholesale furniture, Guangzhou, nearly 9 of the dealers have to carry out custom custom wardrobe. Therefore, in 2016 will become the wardrobe custom year, becoming one of the main marketing means to attract customers end retailers.

2. energy-saving products investment small profit high

[market trends]

home is the focus of service differences, household demand growth highlights.

2010 years, the rapid growth of domestic demand for energy saving, coupled with rising prices, prompting people to enhance awareness of financial management, for the popularity of household energy-saving products provides the conditions. Can invest in energy-saving products supermarket, the main selling life related products.

Chongqing, an energy service agency, invested only 200 thousand yuan, and now more than $500 thousand annual profit. At present, Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities of energy-saving service companies have just emerged.

3. wedding company consumption boom

[market analysis]

outlook is very optimistic, regardless of the rich or the money, are willing to etiquette, organized, not only to save money and others to discuss the wedding.

has the media had been accounted for, a million sets of wedding photos, the actual cost of about 1000 yuan, which shows how deep the line of water.

wedding photography industry, for example, the proportion of the entire wedding spending is about 15%. Compared with the wedding, wedding and other wedding wedding photography project, the larger profit margins, profit rate of 30%-40%.

future, the wedding industry will become the ten largest storm in China in the future