Ten steps of venture capital coffee shop

coffee as a beverage, in today’s society, by a lot of people’s favorite, especially some of the corner coffee shop is more popular, now entrepreneurs want to open a coffee shop to shop?

investment to join the coffee shop requires the following steps:

A, determine the coffee shop management content and target consumer groups, location, location, location.

two, to plan, to call the company, company logo design.

three, for investment in equipment, all kinds of equipment data collection.

four, in industry and commerce, health, fire protection, tax registration, registration department.

five, calculation of start-up capital.

six, buy coffee machine coffee machine, grinding machine etc..

seven, the design of single coffee.

eight, looking for coffee suppliers, suppliers, dairy products, spices and food suppliers, other non coffee beverages, paper products, appliances and other goods.

nine, marketing planning, hiring employees, prepare training materials.

ten, ready stock, ready to start.

now to open a coffee shop not only need a series of shop to prepare well in advance, at the same time in the site design and decoration shop before are actually very important, master these, your shop will also become more smoothly.


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