Ordinary entrepreneurial ideas can also cast your entrepreneurial dream

can be said to all the innovative business ideas are derived from life, and not just in the tall on the field of science, perhaps inadvertently generate business ideas can achieve a different business opportunities, so the ordinary business ideas can not be ignored.

since 1978 to become a farmer, he knew that he planted garlic fort is special, but meager profits. For a small entrepreneurial farmer, garlic cultivation is a time-consuming and laborious work, unless he is lucky enough to find someone who is willing to help him to complete the heavy work. He thought that there would be a better way.

2011, Danfoss fort has developed a platform for planting garlic tractor drag. This platform will be able to increase the efficiency of the plant five times, reduce labor costs and eliminate the negative impact on the work of the author. On the basis of this prototype, and in agricultural research institutions, foster the improvement of Fort platform, to ensure that it can perform other tasks, and hope that other food growers can be applied in their own fields.


The young inventor Jack

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