What are the tea store display

tea is more popular now, tea is a daily habit of many friends. Open a favorite tea store, then, in the tea display, to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for this, we carried out a detailed introduction, I hope to help you.

first, new products to highlight the display. For new customer recognition and awareness is not high, but if the tea shops in the new and old products will be displayed together, submerged in these products and how to attract the attention of customers? Many businesses complain about new bad sales, sometimes not the product itself, but the tea stores these new products did not give a chance, make new contact with customers directly, obviously not enough. Therefore, the tea shop in the display of new products, may wish to give a separate new area, to remind customers to attract eyeballs.


, the best display of unsalable goods. No one can guarantee that each product can be bought, so there will be some relatively slow-moving products, slow-moving products are not necessarily a bad product, and may be because the product is not understood by consumers. Therefore, in the face of these products is to tea stores let it become unsalable goods or try to make a drug move? I believe many people will choose the latter, and will separate the display and unsalable goods and other products to distinguish, highlighted, is an important factor for unsalable goods moving again.

in the end, the best seller can sell a little more. Seller is that the customer purchase rate, high rate of return product, but for this product if the tea stores will not be highlighted, presumably other customers do not know, we can highlight the display method, let the seller more popular, also let more customers understand the product. So, the display of products not only affect the image of tea stores also affect the sales performance, tea stores should pay attention to the display of products in the process of operation, the use of different methods to display product move and drive sales.

is about more than tea stores to display what the introduction, I believe we have a detailed understanding, only a good display mode, this shop to join in order to obtain good returns, shop business to come! Ensure that you start a business easily, easy shop.