Entrepreneurship shop good project recommendation

more and more people choose to start their own wealth to life. Your question is coming, how to find a business start-up entrepreneurial venture. Want to shop business, you must first have a project, now, the threshold of entrepreneurship is more and more low, as long as you have a certain amount of money, will be able to open his own boss, the following is small collection of reliable shop business projects recommended for your reference.

fly shop entrepreneurial project recommended a: clothing repair

because now most of the housewives have been reluctant to take the needle line, so long to change clothes, pants zipper is broken will not change, nor with off-line sweater darning, some sweaters are moth eaten a hole, some wool clothing was accidentally broken, these all need someone to do. There are knitting, sewing, embroidery experience laid-off workers may wish to open a clothing repair shop. For these people to solve problems, both for the convenience of customers and business.

fly shop entrepreneurial projects recommended two: green laser pen

to do a slide presentation, the current use of red laser pointer as an auxiliary tool, but its range is closer, clarity is not enough, the effect is not ideal. The products used within the green laser generating device, which overcomes the above disadvantages, have good alternative, and high power products has been astronomy enthusiasts, to observe and explain the tool. Work with seven batteries, the service life of more than 5000 hours.

fly shop entrepreneurial projects recommended three: Nanny labor services company

The basic responsibility of the

nanny service is to do all the housework. The basic working mode of the baby sitter service company is: 1) the company carries on the widespread advertisement propaganda work; 2) carries on the specialized housework training, the legal system education, the security education and the self protection education to the staff before the work. Members of the necessary qualities: good health, clean, honest, hardworking. Nanny labor service company’s work classification rules include: 1) health clean-up work; 2) regular work; (3) special services.

fly shop entrepreneurial projects recommended four: farmers residential design

we know that building is a top priority in the farmer’s life, with the development of social economy, but also to the farmers residential practical and beautiful, individuation, more and more rich peasants in the building more carefully, in order to project, so you need to have specialized design and Research on new residential construction.

fly shop entrepreneurial projects recommended five: slippers store

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