Discussion on the reason why PHP station construction is popular

many customers find friends for a long time, and ask about the website construction, most people have put forward the need to use PHP+MYSQL language to build a website. Our staff often recommend using JSP+MYSQL or building it using the ASP+access language. Why PHP+MYSQL is popular, mainly because many people are blindly induced by foreign countries.

PHP+MYSQL because of open source, the site program has a fatal weakness on security, and it belongs to the developing language. Many functions are not fully supported. PHP+MYSQL is suitable for the development of small and medium-sized websites. Among them, the development of small websites, individuals, small businesses using ASP+ACCESS is enough, and for ASP. Space is cheap and investment is relatively low. For large and medium-sized Web sites, investment is relatively large and requires more security and functionality. Such as large portal stations, shopping malls and so on. These sites can be developed entirely in JSP+MYSQL, with exactly the same investment, and JSP+MYSQL is more mature than PHP. A much higher safety performance. And later maintenance is more convenient.

so why do so many people like to use PHP? Below I elaborate, PHP is free abroad. And both JSP and ASP charge. So in a copyright focused country?. They are all used to the use of free things, this and our Chinese people’s thinking is the same. Of course, the Chinese people are also popular sentence: a price, a goods. And this rule is no use in china. In China, neither JSP nor ASP charges. Well, the use of these languages to develop, you can enjoy better site procedures, after-sales service, website optimization, etc.. You can look at the major banks, there is a bank using PHP to develop the site?. JSP are all used, the security aspects should understand. And at the same time, JSP and PHP have to invest exactly the same.

friends long network to remind customers, do not be inspired by foreign websites thinking, and reasonable choice of their own development language, making the most cost-effective, most suitable for their web site.