How to improve the website PV

combined with what I’m doing now, how to improve the website’s PV, and I hope it will help you to improve your website pv.

, a magical community share button to improve web site pv


is a commonly used style of community sharing button. You can see this button on many web sites when you’re streaming web pages. According to the data of "social sharing buttons" is popular in the network of major media, according to the largest social sharing button provider JiaThis (plus net) statistics show that 90% of the 70% video website, news website, 55% shopping sites have been added; social sharing buttons, small; the social sharing buttons almost become a major site of the standard. After some time ago I took a university portal test, I found that for the website article reading page matching, "social sharing button" can greatly enhance the PV value of the website.

two, increasing the interaction between web sites and users

allows users to have relationships with websites and is the most powerful way to keep users. Retain users, PV will naturally improve. The target users who locate their websites are people of that age, and consider people of this age who are more interested in those topics.

example: if the target group is college students, certainly there will be a lot of people on their own school girls interested in writing a collection of writing the "XX university campus Belle named" like the article and let users are involved. You can also add a blog, forum, or SNS to your site, and there is a link to each of these sites, which allows users to interact with the site.

three, add related articles

when the user through the Baidu search some long tail keywords browse an article on your site, the user may be interested in other similar articles, add the relevant articles in the following can effectively enhance the site pv.

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