The old Webmaster some good solutions to the site

old stationmaster did not say me, but I know an old webmaster, in a casual meeting, and after talking to get some inspiration. I believe you will encounter some similar problems in the process of construction, or have their solution, or not, of course, these problems are only occurred in the long-term plan to do the webmaster, to play the webmaster, has not become a problem.

I’m sincere when a transmitter, or more like a filter, a serious old webmaster experience, after some rough filtration after the present to you, right when the reference, when you encounter the same problem, there is a reference to.

program selection, no money, no technology Adsense most involved,


grew up because the new multi choice is space, but the technology is not high, limited space is also troublesome, so began a lot of ACCESS database webmaster, choose this, the trouble to, first, ACCESS can

a few people?

10W is the official statement, but according to friends stand experience, up to thousands of registered users, immediately hung up, you see, even if you are a collection of content, the average person, a person with 10 articles on the small 10W data, according to the normal development, that is to say you no one is good. More than IP3000, basically to the critical point, and then you can transfer SQL database, or company, or a master for help, the new owners did not have money technology, delete the program again into most of the choice.

domain name, the whole life in the hands of agents,


a lot of people will say, my domain name is a new network, 10 thousand nets, no problem, but you can not, after a few years when you renew the company you are looking for can not find, how to do? I have encountered this problem recently, a 3 year old registered domain name, suddenly find the agent, then I check check ah, finally traced to the agency and renewals. But don’t renew normal price a lot, no way, only to be killed.

is the general black crow, an agent to help you registered a domain name, he will renew is how much money, how much his transfer fee is how much the transfer fee, the new network corporation can not control your complaint even tell him, up to your domain name from the agent to another agent only, without any penalties for black agents, so the brothers find good agents must be registered, I in order to solve this problem, a new network to your registered agent, I see how he black me.

server selection depends on the hard and tough IDC background,


morning website hangs, sleeping in the middle of the night, a netizen to telephone, website to hang, and see it, such a situation, I believe most owners are accustomed to? So, in order to stabilize a site, to choose a good IDC.

also has a server selection problem that is for >