Original you insist will be successful you insist

world people insist I believe there are many, but the most critical time have a little accident chose to give up, but some people do not choose to give up, but continue to go forward, persist and never give up. Shortly before I made a good is not good, said a translation company in Beijing is not bad in the poor (http://s.www.fy88.net) website, I almost did have three months’ time, every IP is only more than 20 of the others looked at the site every day thousands of tens of thousands of IP, and thinking I stand for others than it is a heaven in one on the ground, you can compare. I have no confidence to do what, to take him off modified into other industry websites, do what I want to have good website, ready to bring into the game site, suddenly I QQ a chat good friend told me, say you do not stop, do it if you insist, do not adhere to the confidence to do a website, then you do any industry website is not good, but I think that my translation company in Beijing how to do ah. IP day so a few 20, unable to survive, if in this way cannot eat the food, then I decided to change into his game site, listen to my friend and I said I want to modify the site has been in my right, say you do not change, you must stick to you like if you modify the best not to do this, you do not have the confidence you still insist to do station, then I was repeatedly thought, decided to continue to do so for two months. If you insist on, or did not see any effect, then I really have to modify the site. Later, I have insisted for a month and a half, the site traffic finally let me see the effect, but also know what is the real IP. IP every day in more than 9000, PV tens of thousands, do not dream of things, specifically how do I achieve it,


, please look at the following introduction,


, the first step: first of all, do the PR of the website, how to do PR? This is a friend who believes in standing. I don’t want to mention it. Simply put it, do the real PR quickly. Go to the forum post, in the post inside your website as keywords and link, every day can send 20, this month down there are many outside the chain, if you have some money you can spend a large sum to buy PR high Links, so the effect will be greater that is the best station link, so your PR will soon make up.

second step: if the site do PR go to other sites and exchange Links, so IP will be more and more, because the exchange Links can not only enhance the PR of the website, but also greatly improve the flow rate of IP, the site of course, after the first step to the website PR to do it, if PR did not do it to others and exchange links may not have many links and you are not willing to do, and now this society.