Reflections on the aftermath of the website’s anti vice

this site anti vice operation, most of the site has been a great impact, many websites were shut down, I SEO Webmaster Station several tests made by SEO was closed, I also pay special attention to no illegal content, and IDC said that although the negotiations for the record, but no illegal content network station is personal entertainment station it is illegal to do so close, Speechless, to me by a month of hard work, the key words do Baidu home page and GG page, and every day has a natural flow, are now gone, after the storm, I Jingxiaxinlai think our personal webmaster should be how to walk the road.

knows which sites can’t do

1. copyright sites such as videos, movies, music, novels, games, and not for

The edge of the

2. ball games such as beauty, sex and other customers,

3. Li illegal categories such as private lottery, lottery, gambling class,

4. plays, hackers, viruses,

what sites can do


only to the formal website, such as electronic commerce, industry station, local stations, to careful consideration and planning sites, according to their own situation, capital, resources, analysis ability, they can choose their own operation, then the operation site types, and according to the previous accumulated experience and technology, believe that these regular operation station also a grow up soon.

China Internet now is the case, but it won’t be forever, as called for in the people of insight, the gates of fire, who is full of the "broad brush" approach will be changed, we also hope that relevant departments can be more humane to the personal station waiting for us, we strongly support the fight against illegal methods, but is right, can not ah.

now I have to do their own SEO station, enrich the contents on the website, and to record their own video in the near future, with their knowledge of video way to speak out, have their own original, after the severe winter of 2009 2010, hope can give individual stationmaster a spring.

SEO station, happy shrimp, reprinted, please note: