The voice of a Shenyang stationmaster

looks at many webmaster, every day must be busy, very late, oneself also has some emotion, also knew oneself.


has been wandering on the Internet for 8 months. Now I really know what it means to do what I’m doing. Doing a station is like driving a

a car, and you are the driver! Actually I know I need to this place, but still left right arrive! To the destination you found next to a straight road! This is how I did not take the memories straight? In fact, people are often so need a the process can grow, if found will this straight dictionary have failed the word


we all learned to be strong in adversity, to see ourselves in adversity, and to comfort ourselves in adversity,


I thank myself for not being knocked down in the face of adversity! I’ve been on my knees! 8 months from a computer game


chat, watch movies to Internet users a little grassroots webmaster! Everyone can see others do stand brilliant, why nobody really ask him through the way we do? The ultimate station is MONEY, I can’t write soft, not the promotion, do not understand do not understand technology optimization I just want to do online. In a social sense of their own website.

I saw a lot of

in Admin5, said their master station how to, so I always think the real webmaster not typing on a keyboard, but in their heart. Everyone will win, some people win on the surface, some people really win the psychological.

if any webmaster is from Shenyang, please check your friends under QQ and enter 631479055

we Shenyang people do stand, but also have their own forums, their own homes,