Talking about website user experience logical control of website

is a website user experience has many requirements, including user friendly interface, web content, web service friendly friendliness, but one thing we may usually know, but really in the process of operation is very difficult to think of a problem, it is the site of the "logical control". The website logical control called, simply through the website itself, so that users can under the site of logic control, with minimal operation and energy to the most easily the most efficient way to access the website information and services, more direct point is that users do not too much mental, otherwise the user to your site is to learn from the information and services, you can give users the trouble, a lot of time and energy waste of the user, this website users come first, to the possibility of two or three times is not so high.

first I have encountered examples: a new business platform before meeting, beginning a long time favorite goods access is the attracted, then looked at the other, and there are two or three pieces of product love, plus the website price is reasonable the quality of comments are also good, so put the merchandise into the shopping cart, the last step is required to submit when found to login and enter the delivery address, the re registration, found that several goods shopping cart all have no, this time spent so long time to purchase goods and re to search results, bring the bad mood as can be imagined. In addition, there are some websites, especially those calls or Topup website, A, B, C obviously in the provinces is not recharge, this time "also shows the general, when China Unicom can not recharge, also shows the support of the three operators, to submit the final orders to pay when found can not recharge, a waste of time and mood. There are many such examples, and here want to reflect the point is that the site in the provision of services to users, we must pay attention to not to bring more trouble to the user, otherwise it will only lose the user’s trust.

first of all, the logical control of the website is necessary. The reason is that not all users are open eyes in the website, say this is because even though there are many tips and suggestions of the text on the site, but are often not obvious or some websites to users of the PV page views, put on the last page of key information, when the user points it was discovered that these elements are going through a lot of time to browse to. Even if the site is a member type, there are members of the registration agreement, so a large group of agreements, a few people will really read it, and can hope that each user is carefully read, is completely unrealistic.

secondly, the logical control of the website is to allow users to obtain the required information and services with the least amount of operation. We are very familiar with the Google search engine, first up to now has been to provide users with a search box, the user does not need to consider what, direct access to the site’s home page can begin to do the things they want to do.