What are the differences between the United States and the 6 major online ticketing websites in Chin

e-commerce ticketing industry can learn from the entertainment industry developed in the U.S. market, compared with the online ticketing website (domestic barley net, Guevara, poly Orange Network), the ticketing industry no matter in time, technology and mode are leading many, worthy of reference. This article collated the six largest online ticketing websites in the United States, comparing the product positioning, capital status (financing and other data) and features:

1., Ticketmaster.com


on line time: 1996 (founded in 1976)

product positioning: B2C online retail platform

profit model: ticket sales, ticketing, resale services, marketing, distribution,

capital: 2000 to $35 million acquisition of the first online ticketing website Ticketweb (1995), 2003 IAC (International Automotive Group) acquisition, again in 2008 to $265 million acquisition of "cattle" website TicketsNow., a controlling stake in October of the same year Front Line management group, 2012 revenue of $1 billion 237 million.

features: operating in more than 20 countries, 19 of the global call center, 6700 retail outlets; set up a special Live Nation entertainment to create better service; provide interactive seat map and three day return policy for the fans.

2., Eventbrite.com


on line time: 2006

product positioning: B2C global online ticketing platform

capital situation: $60 million in financing in April 2013, investors include T., Rowe, Price and Tiger Global Management, with a total financing of more than $100 million. Total sales for 2010 amounted to $400 million, compared with $1 billion in 2012 and June, and revenues grew from social networks Facebook and Twitter, as well as some from the mobile terminal.

features: its business covers 170 countries, in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Holland are particularly prominent, which is the most popular courses, conferences, concerts and fundraising, social event class ticket.

3., Stubhub.com


on line time: 2000

product positioning: B2C secondary market online ticketing trading platform