Guest Taobao Master Wangzhuan profit model Taobao guest profit sharing skills


off a word that a lot of people are familiar with, but not everyone is successful in amoy. Taobao may not be the person to do guest station career best choice, but do Wangzhuan profit model is a good way.

October 14th Admin5 forum Thursday edition chat activity, Taobao invited guest Master a share of Taobao off the earnings of skills, this paper exceeded some questions, welcome to discuss.

asked: Taobao customers is a good model, but has been a serious amount of deduction, I do not know how you look at this problem, you are doing Taobao customers in the process is how to avoid or reduce the amount of deducted


answer: I think this problem is not for us to consider, because this problem of itself, we also can not solve and control, just like Baidu search ranking problem, itself is a false question. If we focus our energies on such meaningless questions, I don’t think it’s necessary. First of all, you have to trust completely when you choose to cooperate. We are doing Taobao customers, never considered the amount of deduction, even if I do not want to know, want to break the head, there is no solution, so I am Taobao "100% assured", ha ha.

asked: as far as I know, do other types of sites, if the traffic is good, not too Wandu problem of income, but do Taobao customers, how the daily income 1K-3K? I think it is very difficult to.

answer: this question I understand, must first admit that Taobao customers can not become a long-term development of the project, Taobao customers can only become a new station to do profitable ways, for individual webmaster, Taobao customer is to maintain the basic guarantee of things, to know the majority of individual stationmaster is earned no money, but not to earn money and want to expand the site overnight, this is not realistic. Explore small profit models, accumulate your own experience and capital, and then look for your own projects.

asked: since Baidu deleted Taobao sites from a wide range, there were a lot of webmasters who gave up this type of web site. I would like to ask for Taobao API procedures, should pay attention to that several aspects, can effectively avoid Baidu delete included. There is also a question, if you want to do Taobao railway station group, can provide some operational mode,


answer: first of all, Baidu blocked Taobao customers may have some competition problems, but I think Baidu blocked Taobao customers mainly because of the same page, repeated content. Taobao API off now I do not suggest that you do, say time is gone, now I think a better way is a single product special station promotion, not only high correlation, the conversion rate is also very impressive, there are advantages in Baidu optimization. The model we are using is the mode of "single product, special station + station group".

asked: "the 200 station, I think it is to do long tail keywords?" Taobao passengers and what other practices,


answer: Yes, we’re using long tail words. Taobao customers’ profit model >