Baidu included the rules my 2 new station experiments

today is the number 15, Baidu 2 new sites to me was updated, I have pointed out here is that Baidu remains the same for the included new sites, some people say Baidu is not included in the new words does not exist.

I did experiments like this, one station was submitted, one station was not submitted. Are in Baidu know to leave chain. You can check on the creation date of whois, and in January 22, 2008. There are more than 20 days to today. Baidu contains 2 pages, GOOGLE included 67 pages,, Baidu included 2 pages, GOOGLE included 134 pages. So some people say that Baidu does not include new sites, especially.Cn new station is wrong.

and I have a new.CN ( is registered in December 27, 2007 to now, Baidu included have more than 10000 pages, you can check it, so you don’t believe that Baidu is not included in the new words, go CN! I wish the webmaster site included smoothly here.