Cong Cong local forum operations so that members of the forum active

activate your membership, the user’s three principles

often bubble BBS, we will find such a problem, a BBS, post little, reply a little more, and most people are in the crowd. A large proportion of the vast majority of onlookers have the talent and talent to participate in the discussion, but they have formed a habit of watching people since they first started registration. People are watching, because they felt that none of my business, so they take up the attitude, on the choice of the crowd. Want to activate this part of people, basically, they have to get involved. Shibuguosan, we do three times change, you can change this situation.

first registered

visitors are not registered to attract them to register. After they sign up, take immediate steps to engage them. For example, UCHOME adopts the method is to automatically add friends, this is a better way, BBS does not have this function, we can use vest to manually add friends, remember to use fishing vest oh. Of course, there’s a better way.

second times to get friends for the first time

people’s habits, there is a phenomenon of the first time. For example, as long as you and your girlfriend had the first hand, then the next second and third will be easy to handle. Forum operation is the same, trying to make your net friend for the first time post. For example, you can open forum tasks.

third members post the job after the first posting

many users, the first post, see almost no replies, then their fragile mentality, it was seriously hurt. New users post, especially the first post, must promptly reply to their posts. The best thing to do is to respond to a quote from the author and discuss it. In this way, users will feel concerned and feel a sense of accomplishment. Many users have such a habit, in a forum post, and then landing, they will check their own posts, and if there is a reply, they will reply to the reply.

DISCUZ7.2 has the power of attention, and we can make good use of it.

activate your membership, that’s the top priority.

uses the medal to activate your member,

before reading this article, you can see Maslow in front of the demand analysis that article, users need a certain identity to express their state of existence, we can use the user to activate the medal system forum.

1, build your medal system. The so-called system is hierarchical, there are differences, related. Medal system should be eye-catching, this eye-catching has two meanings, the first is easy to find, second, you have to take the initiative to temptation.

2, medal issued strict, do not have excessive. For example, the post reaches 100 posts before you can apply for it. As long as the post is not there, never give it to; for example, >