Guest we must learn to share the experience in the trade offs in advance


off site although it is now facing a lot of problems, but it is undeniable that, as a collection of transactions into the form it is suitable for many Wangzhuan, novice friend operation. And the guest form is not limited to, from space, micro-blog, WeChat to websites, blogs and forums, as long as you are interested, you can find that their own marketing channels. Of course, there are so many possible guest website does not mean that you can be successful, because in the actual operation of the process, we will face many choices. Only according to their own situation to make judgments on the rational station go long.

‘s choice of Taobao promotion camp

some friends often ask me if I should use the site as a station and use the social media as a guide. Which one is better?. In fact, these problems in the industry, there is no absolute answer Wangzhuan, promotion channels, there is no good and bad, only and is not suitable for. If we do what we want with half the effort, then we must do it from our own good point. In my opinion, the site is indeed a relatively time-saving way, as long as our previous optimization properly, then slowly raise up the site, later rely on keywords ranking can have a lot of steady flow, but also has the problem, relying on Baidu keyword, then the stability of the site is relatively poor, once ranked out, then the site lost power. And now we buy most of the choice of platform, which makes some key words conversion effect is not particularly obvious. Then the social media? Is simple and convenient, no need to update the website maintenance ranking, don’t see Baidu’s face, but direct contact line consumer groups, the "advertising" to do in front of them, such as soft Wen, such as WeChat and so on, this guest if randomness is relatively large, a guerrilla feeling. Not every day staring at the rankings, if you can keep up with the hot, then a burst section is also very possible. However, there will be defects, the effect of instability, marketing requirements for the relatively high, and if you can not grasp the consumer’s demand point, then the conversion rate may not be higher than the site. So, when we choose to do the Taobao customer, not necessarily other station went their own website, people use micro-blog’s own micro-blog, according to their interpersonal relationship and the resources reasonable use, if you micro-blog fans can reach about 5000, then based on micro-blog is clearly more ideal choice.

‘s choice of products is about commission or sales


now, the official has restricted us to promote breast enhancement, weight loss and other products, when not prohibited before, many friends will choose such products for promotion, the reason is simple, profiteering. Sell one can earn hundreds of yuan, compared to a single, 10 yuan of money is much faster. Many friends may have been inspired by this, and now go to the selection of products, mostly from the Commission began. As long as the Commission is awesome then from the start, did not pay attention to the product market behind the industry boom or not, consumers purchase.