Baidu C2C and Taobao mall speculation

recently, every talk about e-commerce, no mention of Baidu, C2C and Taobao mall. Here are some of my conjectures:

about Baidu C2C

1, Baidu C2C is actually B2C, and it is not as small as Taobao B, similar to Taobao mall.

2, Baidu C2C’s initial goal in revenue is not "how many deals are produced here", but "how to squeeze out more promotion budgets for SMEs."". It’s another good extension of the rankings, and it’s a cake that reaches out to Ma Yun.

3, perhaps we will see users go to Baidu search for a commodity, was forcibly led to the Baidu C2C, and finally ran to other sites to buy. But for Baidu, "promotion fees" have been received.

4, that is to say, what Baidu wants to grab first is small and medium-sized enterprise "client", rather than individual user. Individual users are already here, and need to find ways to translate into "consumers"".

5, payment problems, Baidu will not do it alone, even if the acquisition will also first tied to C2C. Whether it’s independent or spin off, that’s what happens later. Although Baidu is clear that this thing is the strategic core of e-commerce in the future, but also their biggest obstacle in the field of e-commerce. But in front of you, you have to make sure that the shopping experience is complete, and you don’t have the energy to do two things.

6, Baidu, Hi, and C2C will have a good combination. But Baidu post bar will not combine very early, need to try slowly.

about Taobao mall

1, the two advantages of e-commerce should be "convenient, fast, cheap."". But now Taobao is only "cheap", the user to Taobao is also only because of cheap, and even many people do not go, Taobao also believes that "too cheap consumption, no quality."". This is Taobao’s biggest bottleneck.

2 and Sunday, I’ve just interviewed a user who buys things and goes to the mall because they’re reliable, though expensive. Their monthly income of not more than 2W, but the consumption of more than 1W, do not care to buy cosmetics, hundred dollars. In addition to their games, cards and other "standardized" goods will be bought at Taobao, the other are offline shopping malls. They spend less than 3K people around the month buying things at Taobao because they are cheap.

3, Ma Yun in order to complete the so-called "shopping paradise", the "consumer quality requirements of consumers" to attract Taobao. For these people, the most important thing in e-commerce is not saving money, but convenience. (more detailed view, please see my reply below this post). For Ma, these people have more commercial value than Taobao’s current users.

4, Taobao mall’s first task should be "to attract more consumer quality requirements of consumers", rather than continuity, so that now "cheaper" users spend more. However, in the middle and lower levels