A grassroots webmaster nternet ten years no success no failure

this year is Chinese Internet 20 years, many people wrote to commemorate the moment, I suddenly remembered that in 2014 was the author of the Internet for ten years, and also to write an article about the memory of the past ten years, perhaps the readers in my memory, will find your shadow.

in 2004, I took the first college entrance examination in my life. After the examination, and students into the Internet bar, apply for the first QQ number, this to 4 at the beginning of the QQ number, has been used now. But that year, the college entrance examination to fill in volunteer mistakes, did not go to a good school, so choose to stay to repeat. In repeat career, I often go to Internet cafes to chat on QQ, and has been out of college students to chat, chat and strange QQ friends, also designed with strange girls chat, chat to chat is a night, now in retrospect, really unbelievable. And I also began to write essays, writing poetry in netrose. In order to contribute to a literary magazine, I registered the first e-mail in my life — YAHOO mailbox.


2004 QQ

in 2005, I took part in the second college entrance examination in my life. I took an examination at Chengdu University. Why should apply for this school, because my first QQ friends, is the school’s sister school. But when I got to this school, I never looked for her. 05 years, I entered the University, and students often bubble Internet cafes, and then I opened the 51.com personal homepage, I think it is very interesting.

2006, the summer vacation I borrowed from the library a five pen typing tutorial learning home, our home is in the countryside, no computer, no learning machine, I drew a keyboard on a board to exercise five pen type, when the end of the summer after returning to school, I bought my first computer every night, looking for friends to stay in the dorm to chat, typing with five pens, one month after the rapid typing speed. That year, the school network began to enter the campus, when you register an account, you can go to the cafeteria, campus network staff to place a bottle of coke. That year, I also learned the Warcraft game.

2007, the school network, I was the Chengdu University campus reds, with their own writing skills, often write some readable articles. And I built a nostalgic group, where thousands of people joined me, and I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I was running a school group. That year, I opened a Sina blog, met some friends; that year, I lost the game on Warcraft, and students often play in the bedroom, do not even go to class. That year, we began to hear of Taobao, but still excluded from shopping online. That year, I started to fail the exam.

in 2008, when I was a junior, I became interested in web design, borrowed books from the library and taught myself the HTML language. When I made the first page, the excitement was beyond words. That year, I started studying each other