How to use KingCMS to build enterprise website

The framework of

enterprise website takes the enterprise’s topic level as the core, classifies according to the content, and then straightens out the page order.

each viewer may become customers, the website should highlight the theme, the content of the website service must be refined and accurate, to ensure that visitors to the core content of the highest efficiency of the site, the customer may need a product or service is described in detail and design, build customer confidence and trust the size and strength of enterprises and other aspects of the description, deepen the theme. Therefore, we should strengthen the theme rendering in content classification, and prioritize the theme content in the page order. In addition, the general enterprise website is mainly based on product display. Using KingCMS is easy to implement.

through KingCMS, an ordinary clerk can also skilled operation skills, so that users with the least input. Last month, try using KingCMS 5 to make a feel. Using KingCMS 5 is very convenient.

case description:

is the two level directory, the enterprise is done: coaxial cable, digital cable, communication cable, cable television, this website is a typical product display type website, interested can see, feel the template generally do, oh, the first time with KingCMS, the main energy is to understand the function of KingCMS.

The regular pages of the

web site can be automatically generated using the KingCMS’s single page functionality, such as: profiles, contact us, and post text pages.

website dynamic page, you can use the KingCMS simple news function, you can generate list page, information display page.

in use, there will be a template selection, so before the web page design first, and then can be used in the later generation.