Flexible operation strategy analysis of website User Psychology

remember when once a year ago to do operations, when contact operations shortly before the crazy to find relevant learning materials, learning SEO, website promotion, network marketing and so on the books, and put into practice, the effect is there, but is too rigid, not to Tai Chi as 42 pounds, if the website promotion out, to create a mature product can continue to profit, said this task for Jack too, especially the novice like me a lot of pressure.

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operation operation of the site as a child in the training, the potential sites, but also slowly began to care, you start to grow at a critical point, when there is a exponential growth, pre operation how to let him find the critical point in the shortest time

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website operation method is rigid and flexible operation methods, operation strategy is the use of certain rigid means of business class price, SEO, promotion, advertising and other means, than the competitors in the service, the product slightly a little advantage, like Gome’s business more than ten dollars cheaper than the price of Jingdong, no matter how expensive a little cheaper, more flexible, refers to the use of psychological problems for some users, including users from the heart, reduce the cost of the method to identify the trust authority, such as the comparison of heart products and QQ show, different users heart, to obtain a certain right to speak. Today saw a video, foreign social media how to make their products, brands can stand out, the use of social media, the voice of the masses and determine your website reputation. The prerequisites here must be in your public relations with social media. This is a longer user psychology application.


Psychology of

website operations

an effect called young goose effect, is born to you will Gosling see things as a mother. This is the gosling effect. Reaction to economics is very different, that is, people say that the first impression will always affect you. If our website is a product that faces users, it can reflect your web site’s "goose effect". The first impression you transfer to the user, to meet the needs of users, it can be said that you have a valid user, but also a kind of very high viscosity, such as when SkyDrive, ya can replace the U disk, U disk, a sum of money… You might as well add a few new features to your website. Maybe this little innovation can help your business… This function is based on the user’s needs. Do you particularly compete with your competitors? A little innovation is important… .

website operation the future trend will slowly to seize the heart of user psychology offset direction of the user, will have a unique effect, in fact, now many sites have begun to use this general direction, in imperceptible in, such as the registration invitation code method, embodied >