My views on the construction development and popularization of local talent websites

everybody webmaster, everybody, today there are empty talk about the local talent website development, promotion of some experience, skills, writing dishes, writing is not good, everyone comments, thank you!


in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet, China’s Internet users have hundreds of millions of online recruitment gradually hot. The birth of a number of large national talent, such as: Zhaopin,, 51job, the talent has grown, our individual talents in the station is certainly not, so we can only place the gaps in the market segments, but local people only have a 2~3 home basic station successful talent, we how individuals in the market in this industry talent website survive today is the problem! Now I will talk about our personal talent development promotion skills, superficial, everyone Paizhuan!

1. domain name

Now the

domain name to register a good domain name is short, basically no, our personal webmaster want to choose a number in the absence of funds in the case of domain name is also difficult, if you have money, you can buy it and the local related domain name, no money. Then we can choose some combination type of domain name, such as: local area code +job, or local area code +hr, etc., in short, their flexible application, the site is the key operation, there is a number of domain name combination, that is more perfect!


2. program selects


program for our personal webmaster, generally can only choose the CMS system developed by others good, of course, if you have the ability can be developed, here I recommend buying a program, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, to the site of future scalability that database to select MySQL or MSSQL, does not recommend the use of access database these database! I think we should know better than me! I don’t bullshit!

3, website promotion

local talent website promotion methods are numerous, we can combine their local actual situation application, under normal circumstances, we can choose these promotion methods:

SEO promotes

site established early, looking for links, do SEO, SEO keyword, do Baidu, GOOGLE traffic is also very impressive, of course, new sites need time!


local forum to promote

can go to local more popular BBS promotion, publicity, method to find yourself,


local QQ group promotion

plus some local QQ group, because it is the local QQ group, it is generally easy to publicize the site, and this is their own flexible application

Baidu know, stick to promote

can go to Baidu to answer questions, and then add URLs, and this effect is good, as well as the post bar is also the same, pay attention to do not send hair >!