The exciting details of the product in the nternet Project

when people are poor, the first thing to solve is food and clothing. After solving the problem of food and clothing, what we need to do next is spiritual satisfaction. Products are the same, to solve the problem of users is food and clothing problems, move users, emotional access to the user’s sympathy is spiritual satisfaction. However, functional satisfaction and emotional satisfaction are not necessarily sequential relations.

more and more Internet products, to provide users with a lot of good functions, to meet the needs of users. In this age of lack of belief, people have more emotional and spiritual needs. Many excellent products have captured this, and in their own unique way, so that users feel the warmth.

copy power,

QQ mail often has some very friendly copies, and one year’s mother’s day copy is: "people ask me if I fly high.". Only she asked me whether I was tired or not". Such copies are directed at people.


every guest’s advertisement for a period of time is very fire, I am most impressed by the bus station card to see Han Han to every guest endorsement of an advertisement: positive energy, without fear. I was struck by this very ordinary advertisement, which I always thought was more emotional than the mere commercial publicity.


iOS once had a "twelve constellations wife instructions" application, it asked users to evaluate the copy as follows, this feels like home pet in your act as a spoiled brat, quite warm. Ask, see such adorable such lovely copy, who has the heart to refuse? This is also my App Store in the evaluation of the only one application.


interaction and emotion

good interaction also brings emotional satisfaction. I have a Any.Do in Android mobile phone on the wrong password, the password box found around the slight jitter, a girlfriend to your aegyo feeling: Well, don’t ~ btw, geeks park the login box also affects the jitter oh.

many e-book readers offer night mode, but QQ reads differently, and its nighttime mode is via a pull switch. I believe that many people when they were young, the family has such a pull switch, pull the lights, and then pull the lights. This experience of life and metaphor are well integrated in the reader, and it makes people yearn for the carefree times as a child.


how long did you go outdoors? Recently added a fire Amoy catch butterflies function, very interesting. After the user login Taobao account, you can use the phone to catch butterflies. And products >