Nora QVOD and thunder GVOD comparison

Nora is a veteran online on-demand software, love online on-demand movie users know that the use of Nora online movies, not only the film resources are very new, and the on-demand experience is also very good. While the development of the market, another player is also out of the newborn is also known as a new experience to conquer the majority of owners and users. So what exactly are the two software strengths and weaknesses? We can compare them in a special way.

from the user’s point of view, we have to download and install GVOD is to use GVOD, then movie site selection is marked 500KBPS above rate test playing the advantages and disadvantages of the film, we can compare our GVOD and Nora QVOD:

1. film loading time: little difference is GVOD and QVOD fast loading time, if it is a popular video on demand, fast loading time shorter (less sowing the seeds more quickly load the required time), in drag, shorter buffer time and Nora, Nora has a buffer schedule, as long as the drag the progress in the buffer inside, is completely without buffer.

2. client: for the user, whether or not the customer service side is supported, this point can not compare. But our client is very good, may be more than some professional player software more powerful and easy to use, so you can add points! Although the GVOD is not the interface, but still need to install client software, so the user does not harm the benefits, accounting for.

3. video resources: Thunder GVOD can be downloaded to play, but on the test results, GVOD is the most used form of FTP links, the future may be GVOD dedicated links. But now the most abundant BT film resources on the Internet can not be played, and for the time being, it does not support special download links for the thunder. Nora QVOD is mainly by Nora resources Station released special links Nora, and there is a BT seed can play directly, but can not play FTP links. Therefore, the resources are basically flat, and in accordance with the situation in terms of both sides, Nora dominated.

4. occupy resources: for webmaster resources, Nora QVOD and thunder GVOD have P2P effect, and now the official version of GVOD resource server has just been released, so it is not good evaluation. But fast save broadband effect, useful people know, is very good. But is the P2P software, then the client are sure to upload and download, the impact on users? GVOD and Nora watching the film when the film will have a download speed, we note that the general 500KBPS movie download speed can reach 100K above can guarantee the smooth. Clients use fast, streaming movies, and generally don’t do anything else that requires a high level of networking. And GVOD, in the play when the download speed is like thunder unlimited speed download like, very unstable, often in a few K to hundreds of K floating, and >