Small and medium sized enterprise website planning personnel should have new ability

although many small and medium-sized enterprises have set up a planning department, but not to the real understanding of the important role of the Department of planning, a lot of the time they work is planning a web site and web design, web copywriting work, and not really very much embedded involving SEO, marketing ideas for the small and medium enterprises! The Department of planning personnel for basic copywriting, artists, programmers, and their jobs are basically comparing their majors, and site operators involved much, causing it to have certain defects of. All in all, an excellent planners need to master the knowledge very much and would want to optimize the staff promotion, in addition to the nature of the work and other aspects of the need to have a certain understanding, especially those working in a Internet Co, this is the other important. As the saying goes, gateway leading horses did not move, the direction of development of a website for the start of the planning will affect the site later.

my company is engaged in the optimization, promotion and other aspects of the work, and they are dealing with local comparison, through understanding and communication to know some deficiencies in their work, there is no small impact on the operation of the site sometimes, so some of the common problems in here and share with you, hope to have some help in planning to engage


1. foundation excellent copy planning ability


have to explain is the basic skill of planning, not only need a good idea, also need one can put their ability of creative words, if a problem, creative play will seriously influence the


2. to have a certain art foundation,

When the

is not only planning website planning for the long-term direction of the site, and on the website of the overall layout, color, style, also have their own ideas! This art in the actual work and site communication will be more convenient for some


3. knows some common programming languages,


and artists, and does not require skilled programmers can write code, but the basic things must understand, look at the code can know what is written in this language, what are the advantages and disadvantages of communication, so that you can and programmers, for some function template modifications can also be provided in some constructive suggestions. That’s how it works now. If you don’t understand anything, you go and communicate with professional people, and they are generally resistant, so you can’t deal with the problem well,


4. full understanding of website optimization

The optimization of the website

now is not what advanced technology, a large number of owners are now planning to do our own, but now understand and master SEO is not much, at the beginning of planning should consider the site keywords that are, how about more classification, distribution and other issues in the web site before, "