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analysis of the online recruitment industry several large web sites, not to consider the search and other products, to share the core service model and process of talent website as well as the views of innovative ideas, and the innovation is how to apply to our website, to our website to create a record high in profit and flow in 2009, hope that the experience we can bring some new ideas for everyone, at the beginning of the year, I wish you can be rich in the new year, the income of the site.

our website is currently the first portal in Henan. It is the beginning of the website revision. We analyzed the existing network recruitment industry process and operation mode:

, for which the personal service process is as follows:


for enterprise services process is as follows:


from the above process can be seen two key points:

1, the enterprise releases the recruitment information, the talented person delivers the resume, the website merely serves as a tool and the platform which the two sides approach, and has not realized the true significance service and the participation;

2, website information is open to individuals only, but it is completely closed to enterprise;

analyzes these two points from the following two user services:

for enterprise: the enterprise centered operation of the website, the service concept derived from this is mainly enterprise oriented. Enterprises as buyers, is the main source of profit for the website, the charging mode is mainly the purchase period, and the enterprise spends hundreds of yuan to buy and release several jobs, a week or a month of use rights.

because of the payment limit, there will be a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in the recruitment cost at discretion, because enterprises issued recruitment effect is not necessarily proportional to its input, but not to pay the service charge of the enterprise, can not query website resume database, but can not release job service experience, the enterprises have no concept of the resume of website quality with the number, can only rely on the so-called millions of resumes, millions of traffic advertising to do surface judgment.

therefore limit the development of small and medium-sized enterprises the number of users in a certain extent, the loss of a lot of small and medium-sized enterprise users, making it turn immediately effective talent market recruitment, and the charges for the enterprise, and the lack of effective tracking and service reconfiguration.

: user registration for individual personal resume, because many people do not know your resume production and delivery skills, personal website does not provide more value-added services, tracking services, causing many users to post personal resume, no echo, no audio, don’t feel any association with the talent website itself.

at the same time, talent website homepage dazzling advertising, personal service function only leave a poor little piece, in hope that your resume can be seen as soon as possible enterprise "urgent"