Shocked beware of the free space is horse trap

most webmasters start with free space. Some use foreign free space, and some use domestic. I recently found that there are a lot of space in China under the banner of the name of the free service in free space ".

everyone knows that free space abroad is mostly advertising. Now there are people in the country who follow suit, such as free. Of course, the service provider who provides free space also eats. It can’t be so selfless. On the basis of free, users have to pay something to feed this server and even make a profit. So what I’m going to talk about today is my personal experience. Also advise the use of free space webmaster, must be vigilant. At the same time to waste free space providers such an alarm, stop playing with fire.

is about the end of March, I want to make a girlfriend independent blog, want to let me give her a space. I also sell space myself. But think about spending money, after all, is blog, traffic will not be too high, spending a little bit cheap. So help her find some free space on the internet. After understanding, most of them only support static page pages. Later, I locked in a free space provider in china. Known as permanent free unlimited space, unlimited traffic, unlimited IIS, support domain name binding, support FTP, support a variety of scripts of the Almighty space, but also supports three kinds of databases, components complete. At that time, I think, how can I have such a big cheap pick up?. Is the legendary "dog luck"? Then did not reflect on, and hastened to apply for one. To get the FTP account password, upload PJ, FTP speed, after the installation, open blog speed is not generally fast. Thanks to this service provider.

in order to let his girlfriend’s blog as soon as possible and be included, and my two websites made a link, the blog used my Chinese show community network two domain name. His girlfriend updates her blog every night, and every article is an elaborate creation. Then I found that this space speed is really good, but also support more functions, but also applied for a free space, my new station’s home page has turned around, just a page. And a week later, I found that my Chinese show’s traffic dropped sharply, with less than 60% traffic. I started looking for the reason. After two days of checking, no result was found. Strangely enough, PR has dropped from 3 to 1 now. The site was originally indexed by Google for 80 thousand pages, less than more than 10 thousand in 2 days. And a few hundred drops down every day. On the morning of the third day, I used to inquire about the collection of my website. When I was about to turn off, I found the root of the problem. The original GG included every message of my website. Here’s a message like this:

the site may contain malicious software that could harm your computer.

now goes to the Google query, or does it still have this problem?. Everyone can go and see:>