Empathy user experience diversification service is the core

user experience is the core of Internet thinking. If the enterprise wants to Internet based success, you need to have the user experience this key key, because better in the environment of the Internet user experience to be more excellent than online, the only experience effect, as will the traditional users gradually transferred to the Internet platform, the Internet or any innovation only the concept of it.

but what kind of user experience is what users need? Many experts and scholars are constantly exploring, but also has a very profound theory. But for most of the webmaster friends, may be very difficult to understand, but also between different theories also exist some contradictions, leading to a lot of stationmaster can not start, or can not find the key to enhance the user experience. In fact, the author believes that a good user experience is so simple, that is, do a good job service. Or the user as God to serve.

but many webmaster in process of the operation of the site, although there will be users as God service ideas, but in the actual implementation process, we unconsciously fall into selfishness, or by virtue of their own preferences to design and operate the site, leading to his ideas and thoughts of God’s existence deviation. Then damage the user experience of the website.

then, how can we do a good job of service and enhance the user experience of the website? I think we can start from the following aspects.

first, empathy for user experience. At the beginning of the website construction operation, you can not have many users, at this time can only through their own transposition thinking for the user experience. For example, when the web design is completed, you can see how you feel, with their own aesthetic taste, is still out of order, what does not seem to feel, even if you don’t like, how can affect the eyes of God! When you feel you can, then release to the user, and then through the feedback platform to obtain the user’s feeling, then according to the user’s feeling slightly modified, it can effectively enhance the user experience.

second, do a good job of diversified services. This is undoubtedly the core of the user experience. Our construction site is the key to let users get more convenient service, whether it is the function of the website or the user was the key to the information in them, and to help the user how successful. Usually, the more a website helps users, the more comprehensive it is, the higher the user experience will be. Therefore, in the construction of the website, it is necessary to carefully summarize the user’s laws and psychological characteristics, release appropriate information content, and through certain data mining technology to formulate the corresponding service point and information content. This can better provide users with a full range of information services. Of course, in the service process, the promotion of information quality is undoubtedly critical, if your information or services exist false propaganda, then the future of the site will be overshadowed.

third, correct attitude, continuous service. Because in <